Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reverse Psychology

Reverse Psychology works every time!

Did I mention something big, horrible and ugly is going on at work - you know, the work I love...well, I still love my job, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, under appreciated and disappointed...I will not post much about the situation until after I talk to my union rep tomorrow morning for the final numbers and payment options.

It is no wonder I am not in a good mood.

Then my exercise partner cancels out workout for tonight - something about Christmas in a week and no where close to being ready.

So, I dug deep and decided to brave the elements and go running on my own.

Me: Do you think jumping from 4.1km to 5km is too big of a jump? I am still at run for 4 min and walk a min.

Hubby: No, you could do it.

Me: What is a good 5km route around here?

Hubby: Go out and Road A to Road B, turn right and follow to Road C. Then keep going to Road D all the way past the shopping centre to Road E and then all the way to Road F, turn right and then left onto Road G and follow back to Road A.

Me: All the way to the shopping centre and back around?

Hubby Yep.

Me: F*ck, I cannot do that!

So, off I went, totally thinking I would do my 4.1 km, I went Road A to Road G then instead of turning onto my regular route, I headed towards road F, all the way to Road E, past the shopping centre, up to Road D and around to Road C, then I turned left onto Road B and found myself on Road A, heading home.

Not only did I do the 5km route - but I did not walk once!!!

Yep, amazing what a bad day, adrenaline and a bit of reverse psychology can do to up your work out!


Melissa said...

Wow, are so amazing...anger is an amazing tool.

Kat said...

It is always the best surprise when you think you are going to have the worst run ever and it turns out to be the best. Your body just keeps going and going. That is just awesome!
I am SOOOOOoooooooo proud of you! :)

Kim said...

Whooo Hoooo, you go girl!

Stella said...

Wow, that's awful about work... I hope it gets fixed fast! Who needs that kind of stress around Christmas?? You deserve to be treated well.