Friday, December 5, 2008

Motivation and Goal Setting - Fitness Friday Week 3

It is so important to find a source of motivation when planning your workouts. This point really hit home last night.

After each of my nightly workouts I have been updating my facebook status. A few dear friends started to leave comments - many of them about my work out making them feel guilty...and we stated "chatting" about how if we lived closer we could drag each other out. Motivate each other.

Motivation is such a big thing in terms of keeping committed.

I am now working out at least 5 days a week - and I rely on peer pressure and peer motivation. I have connected with friends and we get together one night a week to work out together. It is great. We chat, keep up to date and work out. If one night I do not feel like working out, I still do, since I know that friend will be waiting for me.

I am truly grateful for my workout partners.

I think it is also very important to set goals with your workout. Your goals need to be realistic, worth working towards and challenging.

I knew if I could loose just 10-20 pounds I would start working towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. The last time I worked at loosing weight I started running and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I was also surprised how much it all meant to me. Remember this post?

Based on what happened around that 5KM race, I have decided to NEVER run another 5KM race as long as I live!!! So, after much consideration I have set a few new goals for me. I truly think that they are realistic, obtainable, worth working towards and challenging.

Goal #1 - Able to run 5KM straight by February

Goal # 2 - Run the 10KM in the National Capital Race Weekend on May 24, 2009.

Goal #3 - Sign up for the Half Marathon Clinic at The Running Room

Goal #4 - Run a half marathon at the Army Race Day - This is on September 19, 2009, almost exactly one year from the day I started my weight loss journey.

So, there you have it! My goals. I hope you can help me keep motivated and committed by cheering me on and just keep supporting me like all of you have to date!

OK. Now, for my fitness Friday run down. My work outs this week went like this:

Monday - Walk/run with my friend Jo. We did a 4.8KM route that included two killer hills. We ran 4 minutes and walked a minute. In addition, I walked to our meeting place (1.2KM) and then took the long way home by running and walking (2.4Km) for a total of 8.4KM!

Tuesday - No real exercise, had my weight management class

Wednesday - Boot camp. WOW. The instructor started the class with a warning that it would be challenging, and it was! We did our regular running route then had 7 stations to do - three times! There were jumping jacks, prisoner squats, crunches, a few free-weight stations and burpies, flutter kicks and planks. It was GREAT!

Thursday - I met up with my friend Dawn to go for a good walk. I jogged to our meeting place (approximately 1km) and then we walked for 75 minutes at a nice strong pace. Then I ran home after we finished. I think my jog home was about 2.1 KM.

Friday - I am busy trying to study for my French test tomorrow - and had planned to meet up with a friend, but she got a better offer - so, we are post poning for next week!

Saturday I am planning to do my cadio blast workout and Sunday I have my soccer game.

So, each day I am working hard to realize my new goals.


Kat said...

Those are all very realistic goals and I just KNOW you can do it! I KNOW you can!
You are such an inspiration. I am SO proud of you!

Momisodes said...

Those are some wonderful goals! You are doing an amazing job staying focused and dedicated. I know you can do it!

InTheFastLane said...

Goals are HUGE for motivation and yours are awesome and I know you will go get them! I am in need of setting some for myself to get through this winter.

Barrie said...

You are doing so well, Laura! Amazing how exercise becomes part of your lifestyle, isn't it?