Monday, December 1, 2008

This is my forth week participating in Menu Plan Mondays.

You gotta check it out!

This week I am planning on making a couple of salmon loafs and cabbage casseroles to freeze. And I have to start my birthday cake marathon - Ander's cake for December 6, a big party cake for December 7 and then a cake for DJ for December 10. I'll be up to my elbows in cake batter and icing!

Monday - Left overs

Tuesday - Crockpot Maple Dijon Chicken that I stole from Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie

Wednesday - Long sgeheti with meatballs

Thursday - Shredded Asian Cabbage with shrimp with a side of egg rolls and brown rice

Friday - Easy Salmon Rolls and fresh herb buns and green beans - I did not make this last week, so will give it a try this week

Saturday - Not sure yet, Anderson will get to choose his favorite dinner as a birthday treat.

Sunday - We have the boys' big birthday party celebration in the late afternoon and I have soccer at 4PM, so David will be on his own for dinner!

Looks like a tasty week on The Fringe!

I am on the countdown - only 8 more days of a full-liquid diet, then I begin my transition. To help me monitor my real-food consumption I am going to create a Daily Food Log section. I am anxious, excited and happy to be on my last week.

Transition is going to offer a new set of concerns and challenges, but I hope it also results in a continued weight loss. My goal is to loose a pound a week.

Have a yummy week!


Mom on the Run said...

I find your weightloss journey inspiring. Thanks for commenting over at Ourblubher. I may try the writing everything down will certainly be eye-opening for me.

Kat said...

You are doing such a fabulous job. I'm sure all your success will continue and you transition.
45 pounds already!!! WOW!