Monday, September 10, 2007

Brought to you by the colour ORANGE-EN

DJ has never really been that child who throws tantrums. We usually never get to the point where he gets so frustrated that he drops to the floor and screams and cries...but lately DJ has been having complete melt downs over the colour ORANGE...or as DJ calls it ORANGE-EN.

DJ will only eat orange-en peppers or use the orange-en plate, dish or cup. In fact, he will only eat items that have orange-en peppers mixed in. How delicious does raisin bran cereal with orange-en pepper sound first thing in the morning? Or perhaps you would prefer a peanut butter sandwich with lunch meat and orange-en pepper only served on an orange-en plate? (he grossed me out by just adding the lunch meat!)

He is driving us nuts with his infatuation with the colour orange-en and all things orange-en. But I guess, this too is only a phase and he will out grow it! And heck, he is at least getting his vegetable allotment for the day!

Well, I am off to the dollar store to buy new crayons - it appears all the orange-en ones are used up....did I mention he will only colour with the colour orange-en?!?!?!?!?

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Mrs. Schmitty said...

DJ has great taste...Orange is my favorite color!

Thanks for dropping by my place. My son W.'s CHD is TGA. Your son has this too?

From reading your posts, it sounds like you have your hands quite full! You are a strong, loving mama! Good luck with the ultrasound, my prayers are with you!

Rachel said...

My son loves the color orange too. Those food choices grossed me out too but at least he is eating vegetables.

slouching mom said...



I love it!

He's got character!