Friday, September 14, 2007

Early Identification Is Key

Early identification is always key. Once a problem has been identified it is much easier to deal with it in a prompt and effective way. This is especially true at school. Everyone hates labels, but once a teacher or school staff member identifies a trouble maker, immediate action should be taken to ensure the trouble maker is disciplined.

This afternoon will be DJ's second day of school...and already I have gotten a call from the office.


Nope, it is not DJ, it is ME!

I broke the golden rule of busing yesterday afternoon. I waited for DJ at an "un-assigned bus stop". And boy, did I hear about it from the school secretary. (Did you know that there are 14 different forms and pieces of paperwork related to bus stops??)

You see, the bus picks DJ up at the corner of Epworth and Indian - a 3 minute walk from our house. He is the only child to get on the bus each afternoon at that stop. His route home is slightly different since all the big kids are on the bus. It does stop at the corner of Epworth and Indian, but the stop before that stop is at Canter and Suffolk. Now this stop is 3.5 minutes of a walk from our house -- but it has the WOW factor working for it. You see the stop is right at the driveway of the Mercer's house. What is so great about the Mercer Family? Well, they have 5 kids ranging in age from 2 to 14. Their driveway has become the kid drop-in of the street. Lots of toys, lots of fun, and Mrs. Mercer even brings out snacks. My boys love walking over and playing hockey, playing chase or just hanging out with the other kids - and I enjoy the chats I have with the mom. So, it only made sense for me to change DJ's stop.

So, I called the transportation office and spoke to a nice lady and informed her I would drop off at the first stop and pick up at the second stop. She informed me that was fine and to call the school before 3:30 tomorrow.

Before I had a chance to call this morning ( I was in the middle of play-school drop off for Anderson)my cell rings. It is the school office. I was informed that it is OK, but that I should have contacted the school. The safety of my child is in question here! I should have called in late August if I wanted changes...blah, blah, blah.

Now, I totally respect her position. And I was going to call after play-school drop off. I never meant to cause any problems. But as she went on and on about the work I have just caused her and how I should have called weeks ago...all I could think of is that little mark beside the Storrie name. Are we now identified as that problem family? Having grown up in a teacher-household I realize the importance and true value of the office staff. They are the glue that binds the school - always be on their good side.

Yeek - not a good start to the school year...hope DJ is not impacted by our tarnished name!

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slouching mom said...

As far as I'm concerned, you can put that down to bureaucratic b*llsh*t. ;)