Sunday, September 2, 2007

Superman and Super Friends

Today I bought tickets to Andrea Sims-Karp's CD release party. Before I went on maternity leave I worked with Andrea. She is a co-worker, fellow-blogger and friend. Over the last year she has been working very hard to release her first solo album, Sleeper.

Here are 4 reasons why I am super excited for September 22:

1) I am super excited to have a date night with my hubby,
2) I am super excited to see and hear Andrea preform - she is AMAZING!
3) I am super excited to visit and catch up with my co-workers,
4) I am super excited to participate in a dream-come true story.

All this "super-ness" got me thinking about Superman. Yep. Andrea Sims-Karp's music got me thinking about Superman.

I can remember watching Superman for the first time. I loved that movie. But, I have always wondered why people did not recognize the mild-mannered Clark Kent as the world-saving, tight-wearing super hero. Did horned-rim glasses and a kerfuffled suit really hide his true identity? How could people work with him day in and day out, but never caught on that he was a super hero?

Now that I am an adult, living in the "real" world - I TOTALLY get it!

Within the office - or at the baby play date, for that matter - people do not always show all facets of their personality.

You see, for months, I never knew Andrea was a musician. I saw her only as a friendly media-analyst and fellow civil-servant. Many mornings (she started at 6AM) she looked a bit tired, but always very pleasant and would answer any of my questions. During work functions and events I learned that she has a great, if not quirky, sense of humour that I can really appreciate! Just before I left for mat leave I discovered she is also a very talented, banjo-strumming, sweet-voiced, folk-musician.

Funny, how you can work beside someone and never know one of their hidden talents, or not so-hidden talents for that matter. As humans we are so complex, so multi-faceted, so multi-talented. We all have different talents, passions and desires. And by getting to know people and sharing ourselves with others, we can learn and experience so much more in life. New doors of opportunity open when we open up to new and interesting people.

Before I had my children, my life evolved around the hi-tech industry, soccer and rugby. Most of my friends came from those three aspects of my life. I led a very great life and had great friends. But after kids I got thrown into a new world - the new parent world. Suddenly, I began meeting people that did not share my same profession or career path, nor did they necessarily play any sports. Instead, they brought a whole new pot-pourie of experiences, talents, passions and callings. I began meeting people I would have never got the chance to meet in my pre-kids life.

Just last week I met a gal who is an actuary. We had a super chat about breastfeeding, car seats and baby slings. Me, who is challenged to remember my bank card PIN and who could not predict a probable event even while it smacked me between the eyes - carried a wonderful conversation with an actuary. Wonder what the odds are that we continue a mommy-relationship?

And it does not stop there. I have met some wonderful moms (and dads) - people I now consider my closest friends - and all because of having a baby. A common connection. A whole different "pool" of friends.

I met one mommy when DJ was only 4 months old - we frequented a weekly play group. Our children are now turning 4 and we continue to meet on a weekly basis. She is a super friend. We now scrapbook together, lean on each other for support and even our kids have developed a super friendship.

I have become mommy-friends with a very interesting mommy who I would have never crossed paths with if I did not frequent the Andrew Fleck morning play group. She has become a wonderful friend. Believe it or not, it was through this super friend that I found out about an employment opportunity...that lead to me working the morning shift at the media centre...which meant working with Andrea...which lead to me buy a ticket for her CD release party, which lead me to get super excited and to write this post...

No matter how hectic life gets in the office, or between play dates or other mommy duties, take a moment and make a new friend, and discover their super, hidden talent or may be super-surprised.

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Andrea SK said...

Wow! Thanks Laura!

Just for the record... I look terrible in "Superman" spandex. This is probably why I became a folk singer instead. That, and I can't fly.