Friday, September 21, 2007

Love-Hate Relationship

I am having a love-hate relationship with my new daily routine and schedule.

What I love:
- Walking to pre-school in the mornings and belting out tunes with the boys
- Having Anderson give me a distracted hug and kiss goodbye while eyeing the toys and his new friends
- The walk home pushing the stroller. Mags and I take a long route and I am really enjoying the exercise
- The one hour I have to accomplish something - anything. I am focusing on laundry, dishes and tidying up - I am becoming a speed-queen domestic Goddess!
- The one hour I have to play, giggle and cuddle with Madigan exclusively
- Attempting to cart home beautiful artwork still dripping with paint
- Watching DJ bound onto the bus for afternoon Junior Kindergarten
- Spending one-on-one time with Anderson in the afternoon during quiet time
- Afternoon time to complete my French course homework and blog a bit
- That the boys retire extremely easy in the evenings and I can have extra time with my wonderful husband

What I hate:
- Hearing me say, " Hurry up boys, come on, stop diddle daddling, we are going to be late for pre-school"
- Hearing me say, "Hurry up boys, come on, we gotta get home to eat lunch and get to the bus stop"
- Hearing me say, "Hurry up boys, come on, we gotta get moving, DJ is going to miss his bus"
- Hearing me say, "Wake up Mags, we gotta go meet DJ's bus"
- Hearing me say, "Hurry up Anderson, come on, we gotta get to the bus stop to pick up DJ"

My new schedule is very time oriented. Gone are the days when we could be flexible and creative in how we spent our days. I had to buy a new wrist watch that has 3 alarms: one to remind me to go pick up boys at pre-school, one to start getting ready to walk to the bus stop after lunch, and one to leave to meet DJ after school. It is very hectic and at times a bit isolating. Gone are the days of play dates where the kids played (or slept) while the mommies chatted and bonded.

But that said, the kids are at such a wonderful ages. I see them learning and growing every day. I am getting one-on-one time with each child and establishing a close, loving bond with each of my three wonderful kids. They wow and astonish me every single day. I count my blessings that I can be home with them.

This is why I would not change my wrist watch beeping life for anything!

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slouching mom said...

Yep. I think I say, "C'mon, time to go!" more than I say anything else.