Saturday, September 22, 2007

Storrie Saturday

Well, we made it through another week with lots of laughter and love. We are starting to get into our groove in terms of walking to pre-school, walking to the bus stop and all the new challenges of our school schedules.

Both boys are adapting very well to school and preschool. Anderson now arrives at pre-school, hangs up his hat and bag and bounds off - often forgetting a big hug and kiss for mom. DJ is so grown up, climbing up the stairs onto his school bus, with a nonchalant wave back to us! Being snubbed at good-byes makes me both sad and proud!

Last Friday at 3:20 I received a call from DJ's teacher. She was having trouble convincing DJ to keep his gym stuff and change of clothes at school for the weekend. I tried to convince him to follow the rules, but he was adamant he had to bring the clothes home. Reason #1, he likes those clothes. Reason #2, the dragons may get them. (long story, but apparently there are dragons in the school at night to protect the classrooms and they can get a bit rowdy!)

So, contrary to the rules, DJ came home with all his belongings. So, last weekend we bought him all new items that are only for school and are dragon resistant.

I am happy to announce that this Friday, DJ came home and his belongings remained at school.

The boys and I were playing in the front room and having a blast. But after a bit the boys started to have a disagreement in terms of how to set up the train set. In frustration, DJ tossed in the towel by saying to Anderson, "You are such an Anderson!"

I could not help but giggle. I asked my eldest what that meant and he replied," Look at him Mommy, he is looking and acting like Anderson do!"

...and I got to admit, he certainly was!

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