Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stories (or Storries) From the Fringe

DJ and Anderson were helping Pepe collect the recycling box. When they arrived at the end of the driveway Anderson looked very perturbed. He and DJ helped lug the box back to the house. Upon arrival, he threw his arms in the air and proclaimed to Nana: "We got the bicycle box, but someone stole all Pepe's paper".
Madigan was fussy and I was busy making dinner, so I asked DJ to entertain her. I told him to tell her a nice story. So, my 3.5 year old cleared his throat and began his story," A long, long time ago, when I was a little boy, I met a princess..."
Pepe and Nana recently introduced the boys to T-Ball. Pepe demonstrated how to swing the bat and run the bases and then let each boy take a turn. Their true personalities sure came out!

DJ carefully watched Pepe, then walked up to the T-Ball stand. He held the bat like Pepe showed him, and slowly moved the bat to the ball, then pulled it back, then slowly to the ball and slowly back again. He continued this a handful of times until he felt comfortable and then swung and hit the ball. Pepe and Nana cheered as he ran the bases.

Anderson, on the other hand, grabbed the bat, marched into position with his game face on, and swung as hard as he could and made very sold contact with the ball. He took off running to first base. Pepe and Nana cheered and yelled, "HOME RUN!" Anderson, heading towards second stopped, glanced at his grandparents, then took off running...around the house, all the time shouting, "I hit the ball. I run to my home".
Madigan is being slowly introduced to solid food. She is now 7 months and has tried carrots, peas, corn, sweet potato, zucchini, melon, apple, banana, blue berries, pear, rice noodles, chicken and mum mum biscuits....and - her new favorite - PICKLES. We gave her a pickle and she sat sucking and smacking on it. She loved it.

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Gina said...

Pickles!! That's awesome. How funny. Hey, another veggie.