Friday, September 28, 2007

My Sweet Husband

***** Reader discretion is advised due to TMIP (Too Much Information Post) Many, especially squirmy FATHERS, may find the preceding post a bit graphic.*****

I have the sweetest husband in the world. His thoughtfulness and his love for me seems to have no boundaries and I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Why this public adorning of praise of love???? Well... Diet Coke With Lime, 2-Bite Brownies and a Chocolate Bar. YepDiet Coke With Lime, 2-Bite Brownies and a Chocolate Bar....this afternoon, while putting away the dishes, I discovered this little stash of heaven.

Now, I am in the process of trying to loose my baby pounds. I have been trying to eat healthy and get more exercise. So, why am I so touched and mushy about finding a few items from my banned list? Why did I not get angry and loudly voice my concern that my darling husband is sabotaging my efforts? The reason is simple....Aunt Flo....good old Aunt Flo *.

Let me set the stage for this wonderful act of kindness. Since January 2003, Aunt Flo has visited only 5 times due to back-to-back-to-back pregnancies. And early this week, she made her second appearance since Madigan was born in February.

I can remember feeling awful during Aunt Flo's monthly visits when I was younger - but NOTHING compares to how I have felt these last two visits. Dare I say that Aunt Flo is certainly not a welcomed guest at my household. Her visits have left me cranky, irritable, emotional, crampy, short tempered, bloated, and down right loony. I simply HATE Aunt Flo and would love to get rid of her!

This is my humble opinion - my husband has another take on the situation. He welcomes Aunt Flo's monthly visits. In fact, every 20-something days he keeps inquiring about her anticipated arrival and on the 26th day he sighs a sigh of relief and then in a noble manner, accepts all the baggage Aunt Flo brings into our household. And after three nights of me complaining that we have no chocolate in the house...he smuggles the banned substance into our house...what a guy!

Here is the ironic part of the situation...while having my c-section for Madigan, we took steps to prevent any additional chapters from being added to the Storrie Triology. So, David's relief each month is a bit amusing. Just goes to show you what walking the Lunatic Fringe can do to your senses!

While I thank the heavens for such an understanding and wonderful husband - David thanks the heavens for Aunt Flo!

* Aunt Flow, a reference to having your period.

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