Monday, November 5, 2007

Soccer Pitch, spelled with a B

I am a die-hard soccer fan. I am not a hooligan - but I love the game. A pet peeve of mine occurs when someone calls the area in which you play soccer a soccer field. It is a pitch! I also hate when people call the foot apparel for soccer cleats...they are boots! Get it right! Now, I do call it soccer and not football - but hey, I was born and raised in Canada - a great football game already exists.

OK - this blog entry is not going in the direction I thought or wanted it to go! Let's get back on track.

For today's post I wanted to rant a bit and do a soccer bitch session, and I want to talk about a Soccer Bitch that was on the soccer pitch during my last game.

For my indoor team I am playing goalie. I am enjoying it and get a fairly good work out since the league is fairly competitive. Well, during our game on Saturday I had an alteration with a player form the other team that just makes me shake my head and wonder!

I am manning between the posts and during active play she crowds me and pushes me a bit. Fair game. I got control of the ball and went to play it out to my teammate and she obstructed me and there was a bit of contact between us. She has the audacity to shriek," Careful, I have an extremely sprained ankle!". Yep....apparently, she can rough me up, but she is too injured to take what she dishes out. And to top this off, during every placed kick she crowded the net - meaning she stood ear me trying to obstruct me and cause me, the goalie, grief. Hey, all fair when done within the rules...but if you are going to dish it, you better be able to take it.

Is it wrong that after she shrieked about her ankle I took notice to see which ankle she was favouring? Is it wrong that I made no effort to get out of her way? Is it wrong that I deliberately played rough around her and her injured ankle?

Heck no...if you are going to play injured then you better be prepared to take it!

OK - soccer bitch over...

Game on!

PS - I am so happy that I am 5/5 for the blog a day! I hope friends, family and fellow bloggers will add comments and such...I live for that!


Andrea SK said...

You are totally justified in dishing it right back out to her... She should be recuperating if she's really that hurt. Good girl.

Don Mills Diva said...

Hey Laura - you've been tagged