Saturday, November 3, 2007

Super Savings Saturday

Well, this morning I partook in the ritual known in our house as super savings. The Multiple Birth Families Association of Ottawa hosted their annual fall super sale. It is a great opportunity to shop for everything you may need for your children. Having 3 young ones, I live for this sale that happens twice a year.

What great deals I found! I am the queen of $1.00 items! I got some very nice pants for both boys, long sleeve shirts and sweat tops and fleece tops for both boys and even a couple of pairs of wind pants...for both boys. All for a dollar each, and all in great condition! I splurged a little and spent a couple of bucks on two nice sweaters and two pairs of dress pants for the boys and $10 on a Columbia jacket and $8 on a rain outfit...for the boys.... I spent $72.12 on DJ and Anderson's winter wardrobe. They are all set for size 3X to 6!

Notice a trend????? I did not buy a single piece of clothing for my little girlie girl. What is up with that? Poor little thing! But to tell you the truth, I was a bit overwhelmed by the huge selection of girls clothes.

You see, very rarely do you find good quality boys clothes at a great price - so, when I find size 4, 5, or 6 items, I grab them! Boys seem to be so much rougher on their clothes. And I truly think people, in general, enjoy buying girlie little clothes, so, there is a huge quantity available for resale. I also found that the price of resale girl items much higher in comparison to boy items. For example - I found boy jeans - $2.00 and then saw girl jeans, in the smae condition for $9.00 ---- CRAZY!

So, while I love that I have the opportunity to dress a little baby in pink for a change, I certainly did not capitalize on the sale possibilities this time around. But perhaps I am simply rationing Madigan's clothing allowance funds since i have heard those teenage years can be expensive!

The sale was not a total loss for Madigan, I did buy her a cute little doll for $1.00!

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