Saturday, November 10, 2007

Storrie Saturday

Well, the Trilogy was in top form this week. All three of them had some real zingers and some remarkable actions through the week.

The boys and Mommy are playing cars in the front room. Every time Mommy's car crashes into another car she grabs the owner and tickles and wrestles them. Squeals all around until DJ stands up and says, "Ser-eeeee-us-ly Mommy, you should grow up and stop acting so much like a kid;you're a Mommy!"
Mommy braved the public swimming pool with all three kids. Anderson, our little daring fish was having a blast swimming, jumping and sliding into the water. After about a million jumps off the side of the pool he got a bit braver. Mommy was holding mags and helping DJ when we heard the familiar shout, "AMAZING ANDERSON" and with that Ander DOVE over top of us and landed head first into the water. He surfaced and yelled, "AGAIN!". The young lifeguard came over and answered, "Not again, that is dangerous". Anderson replies, "Dangerous, but fun!" (what are we in for as Ander gets older, I am a bit nervous!!!)
Madigan was cruising the couch and found a puzzle piece from the Alphabet Book Puzzle. She reached over and started playing with it. Without realizing it, she let go of the couch with both hands and started to mouth the piece. She balanced for a good 15 seconds! Then got a shocked look on her face and fell down to her bum! Then, she looked at the puzzle piece she had found - the D - and then started to sing her new sound, "de de de de de de de de".
At dinner time DJ politely asked for another glass of milk. Mommy and Daddy praised him for being polite, but neither jumped up to get the milk. DJ then, very innocently said, "Could I PLEEZE have it TODAY?" Mommy and Daddy fell over laughing - DJ had no idea how perfectly his choice of words and tone came across! (what are we in for as DJ gets older, I am a bit nervous!!!)
Poor Ander was having a rough morning filled with tears, temper tantrums and fits. DJ was trying to play nicely and was finding Anderson's behaviour very disrupting. DJ jumped to his feet, put one hand on his hip and pointed to the door and sternly said, " Mr. Anderson, leave your baggage at the door and come have some fun!"


slouching mom said...

I love, "Could I please have it TODAY?"

That's a riot!

Karen said...

Laura, Laura, Laura, you really are in for it aren't you! I love those stories. I hope you'll scrap them too :-)