Saturday, November 17, 2007

Storrie Saturday

Here are a few cute Storrie Situations that occurred this week:

While I was feeding Madigan, Anderson came running into the room shouting, "I need a new shirt, I need a new shirt. My shirt has hole. I need a new shirt!". Sure enough his shirt had a big hole. I was suspicious of the hole, given its nice symmetrical lines. Then Ander shouted, "And I need new sock, sock has hole Mommy. And I need new hairs Mommy!". Puzzled, I look and sure enough he has a hole in his sock...and a lock of hair is missing. Ander then confirms my deductions by adding, "Mommy shirt not paper, no cut with scissors. Sock not paper. Hairs not paper. Only cut paper. Right Mommy?"
We are in the throws of planning birthday parties for Anderson (turning 3) and DJ (turning 4). When putting the invitation list together for DJ, the first go-around had no male friends. When I asked him about it he replied," Well Mommy, I think I should only have girls at the party. I have lots of girlfriends and they are nice girls and girls do not make much messes, so you will be happy!".
Chugging elle (see post from Thursday)
This evening is the Santa Clause Parade. While putting the boys to bed last night we used it as a bribe to stay in bed and get a good sleep. DJ looked up at me with excitement oozing from his body, and said, " Santa is coming in a parade tomorrow? Is it one more sleep till Christmas, Mommy?"

Have a great weekend everyone! We sure will be busy. I am scrapbooking all day (yippeeee) and then the whole family is going to see the evening Santa Clause parade. Then Grandpa arrives from BC for a short stop over on his way to a conference in Toronto. it is sure to be a fun and busy weekend for the Storrie family!


slouching mom said...

That first scissors story is so funny! Kids and scissors -- deadly combination, LOL!

InTheFastLane said...

yes, scissors and kids always make for good stories.

It looks like you have a budding ladies man on you hands!