Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DESPERATE for some AMAZING sleep

Dear Programming Executives at CTV,

As you are probably aware of - how could you not be - my fortieth birthday is in sixteen days. It is guaranteed to be a huge celebration.

I am a huge fan of Desperate Housewives, The Amazing race and Dancing with the Stars. They are my escape from reality. My escape from the chaos of having three young children, an odd-hour work schedule, a new hard-core focus on getting into shape and well, life in general.

But here lies my problem. I am addicted to these show, on real-time. No, I cannot grasp the idea of pvr-ing or taping the airing of each and then watching after their original showing. I have tried, but I lay in bed thinking, wondering, pondering what could be happening? Nope. No can do...so, instead, I stay up late to watch these shows. Yep. I do...and then Monday morning and Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning come WAY too early. Heck, raising at 3AM is too friggin' early no matter what way you look at it. But, after staying up till 10PM mornings are crazy-hard!

Anyways, I was thinking, you know, since my birthday is coming up, and I am sure you are all trying to decide on the perfect gift for me...well, how about putting Desperate Housewives, The Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars all at 7PM...that way I could be in bed and asleep way before 9PM. This would mean more than my regular 4-6 hours of sleep. Oh, that would be SWEEEEET!!!!

Ya. I knew you would understand. And, heck, no need to thank me for the great birthday gift suggestion!

Thanks in advance!

The birthday girl,



designHER Momma said...

oh this is pretty funny! I second your petition. I would love me some good tv at 7pm.

Barrie said...

Did you hear back?! Ha!