Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Fitness & Gift Idea # 35

Fitness wise, I was doing great until Thursday Wednesday night Boot Camp did me it!

I can always count on Boot Camp to be a GREAT work out - but this week it was really tough and I am sure feeling it! The instructor's philosophy is that simple, hard work will work. Most classes we use one free weight and a mat - that is it. He is a great fan of the basics like push ups, squats and jumping jacks.

This week he was a bit peeved that the maintenance people buffed the floors. In fact, he was fearful that if we did our regular running circuit, someone would slip and fall. So, we all cheered when he informed us that running between circuits was a no-go! Little did we know that running would be replaced with, oh, about one million lunges!

The work out was pretty simple: I worked very hard...and now I hurt! Besides having that nice bad feeling in my legs, core and arms, my old (serious) hip injury flared up. The Advil and Tylenol are helping and I hope to do a light jog this evening. I am going to save my race practice run for Sunday.

I am getting excited about my road race on March 14. I am also getting a bit nervous. I do not feel as prepared as when I did a race - way back in 2001.

I am trying to focus on the reason I am doing this race. I am NOT doing it to get my best time ever. I am doing it just to say I did it! I am doing it to prove that I am on the right track in terms of combining healthy eating and exercise to create a positive, sustainable lifestyle.

I am working hard at mentally accepting where I am at in my fitness journey and taking time to enjoy this time as a success. It will not be a great finish time - I know that - I am slower, and still much bigger than I was last race day. I am trying to focus on the journey and not just each step.

I have 8 training days remaining. Taking all the wonderful advise I got from all of you, I made up the following training plan:

Saturday - Ski day with family (will be waling up and down the hill about a million times!)Sunday - 6km run at a 10 min run/1 minute walk interval pattern.
Monday - 4.5km run with one walk break

Tuesday - walk to local coffee shop to meet a dear friend!

Wednesday - Boot camp

Thursday - Lane swim (gotta start training for my "Try-a-Thon" in May!)

Friday - REST!

Saturday - St Paddy's Day Road Race - 5KM!

Sunday - Soccer game! (so excited, I am playing for a new team!)

So, based on how sore I a right now and how I anticipate I will feel when I finish my first 5k race, I happily present birthday gift suggestion # 35:

I would LOVE a nice big, jet tub to escape into and unwind. (Un)Fortunately, based on our current bathroom set up, redecorating and redesigning would have to be part of the gift!!!

Now, if a new bath with a jet tub is not doable, then I would make due with this outdoor set up. Yep. I could make due with that!!!!
Oh, baby either of those would ROCK!!!!
PS. I have never been one to write gift lists, and you know, I am having fun doing this one...maybe every year I will repeat my 40th and create a new list! It is fun to wish, hope, dream and hint!


Kat said...

Oooo. I want that outdoor spa. My hubby and I agreed that IF we ever get the new house we will buy his folks' spa since they don't use it or want it anymore. So exciting!
I can't believe your race is coming up already. Wow! How exciting! :)

CouponAlbum said...

Love to read this post!! It's wonderful redecoration of bathroom area!!