Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yawn! Gift Wish # 36

Yawn...a co-worker took this week off for bereavement reasons. So, instead of working my regular 4am to 8am shift, I am working 3am to 9am. Not only are my hours longer, but due to the fact that I am getting up at 2:30 in the morning and I am doing the work of two people - and hitting all my daily deadlines I am stinky-tired! Stinky-tired, I tell you!

My days are long, but for the most part, daily life with the kids has been going well. I am proud that my lack of sleep, work-overload mode, and busy evening workout schedule has not caused me to loose my temper, be short with the kids or slack in my parenting.

Yes, I am tired - but for the most part, mornings with Madigan have been going well and afternoons with all three kiddies have been fun, active and good humoured.

I really think that my weight loss and improved fitness level have improved my coping mechanisms. I am stronger, healthier and more agile. All positive aspects in coping with daily life, and with parenting.

Yet, another reason why I am proud of my weight loss journey so far.

So, this brings me to the next item on my 40th birthday gift wish: I would simply LOVE a new, romantic bedroom.

Currently, we have mismatched, hand-me-down furniture - my dresser is in rough shape. There is no style or decor in the room...unless you count the piles of clothes, discarded toys and books and cat posts. A sexy, relaxing, wonderful bedroom, I do not have! No welcoming bedding, no colour on the walls, only a black out blind on the window and a disheveled, unorganized closet.

I would simply love to redo our bedroom to look like this:

...or something like this:

...oh, ya!
Either of these sweet rooms would make for a
sweet birthday gift, and even sweeter dreams!


Kat said...

Stinky-tired. hehehe That's funny. I mean, not funny that you are stinky-tired. It just sounds funny. ;)

Okay, my hubby would crap his pants if I panted our bedroom pink. But I love it!

Melissa said...

Love the second one. We do have a nice comfortable master, let's talk about new living room furniture and I'm there.

Hannah said...

Congrats on maintaining your temper despite fatigue. Truly you are better at it then I am! LOL. Those bedroom sets are so nice! Do you ever go to antique stores? They sometimes have nice stuff for bedrooms.:)

Karen said...

I think you deserve a new bedroom. Go for it! You only live once.