Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday and T-39 Gift Suggestion

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OK. I am going to try very hard to stick to my eating plan. I found while on my Weight Management plan I was very strict and that made me feel very guilty when I deviated from plan - by choice or by necessity. Since being on the Weight Watchers program I feel a bit more relaxed and a bit more in control!

I am sticking to my breakfast plan of Steel Cut Oats with a tablespoon of peanut butter and then adding a cup of blueberries, a banana or a bit of flavoured yogurt. I am LOVING this combo and it keeps me satisfied most of the morning.

Lunch I am sticking to my salad with cottage cheese, a spray of dressing and then adding boiled egg, lunch meat, tuna or tofu. All yummy options! And maybe left over three bean chili from Wednesday night!

Snacks are usually around 100-200 calories and I am trying to hit two different food exchanges - like a fruit and a carb or a protein and a veggie or some combo. Lots of choices, really!


Monday - Eating at my parents and they are planning spaghetti. Will do my best to control my portion!

Tuesday - I have my last Weight Management class - so, family will have pizza night and I will have a quick wrap to go! I am thinking maybe sun dried tomato with goat cheese and spinach and a bit of smoked turkey.

Wednesday - This is my hectic night, I have boot camp followed by my Weight Watchers meeting - so, I usually turn to a protein shake - yummy good and refreshing between activities. Family will have a 3 bean chili with ground turkey.

Thursday - This is my walk night, so I like something light. I will have a big bowl of soup and a piece of chicken with a little salsa. The family will have chicken with brown rice and beans.

Friday - Fish night - I am planning a nice lemon and dill salmon with cous cous and baby carrots.

Saturday & Sunday - not sure yet! I am thinking I will stock up on a few freezer meals since I have a few fun weekends planned coming up!

Yummy Good!

So, for day 39 of the 40 days till my 40th birthday, I would like to wish for this sweet baby!

It is a multi-purpose grill and griddle. I am so wanting grilled sandwiches...ohhh la la, the options and possibilities!



Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Good for you for planning ahead. planning to succeed makes it far more likely to do so. I need to take a page out of your book. Every night from 4 to 6 I wander in my kitchen, trying to find some inspiration for a meal, usually tasting bits and pieces of whatever because I am starving by then! not good.
I love your birthday countdown, your birthday must be really close to mine!
missed you muchly, can't wait to see you this summer!

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