Sunday, March 15, 2009

Warm Temps & appropriate gift ideas

The weather here in Ottawa is sensational!

Today it was 7 degrees above zero...GOR-GEEEEEE-OUS!!!!

So, as I drove around town today with my sun roof opened, my thoughts shifted to summer soccer. The season starts after the May 24 weekend. Oh! I am sooooo excited. Only one of my summer soccer pals has even known about my weight loss journey - let alone seen me!!!! They will be shocked with my 70+ pound loss! I am so excited to play to my potential again!

So, gift suggestion # 28 for my 40th birthday would definitely be shiny, new soccer boots. These ones would be perfect!

There I was driving to soccer this evening, all excited about new soccer boots, and the warm setting sun was glaring into my eyes. Yep. That got me thinking. I have never owned a nice, designer pair of sunglasses. So, for gift idea # 26 I would like to suggest a new styling pair of specs!

The weather is suppose to stay warm for the next few days - the boys start March Break tomorrow...we have a super fun week planned...cannot wait to share our adventures!

Have a great week!

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