Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Menu Planning and Video Options

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I cannot seem to get my head around my menu plan for this week. On top of this struggle, I am not having a very good Weight Watchers day. I probably have eaten over my daily points...I have done the biggest no-no - I ate off the kids plates. But actually, my issues started way before lunch. Today I did not bring my pre-made steel cut oats to work - therefore no breakfast in the early hours. I got home from work at 8:30am and just started grazing. I even made rice crispy squares...though to by credit, I used 1/2 the butter and marshmallows and then used a mix of rice crispies and Kashi Go Lean and All-Bran. They are yummy!

So, even though I am sore tonight, I am going to go for a light jog. I figured I would job up to The Running Room and talk to someone about my up coming 10k clinic and then buy the socks I want for my birthday - and then jog down the road to the electronics store and look for the head set I want. No, do not roll your eyes or snicker at me. I must of checked the mail box a million times and these items have not yet arrived! So, yes, I am taking matters into my own hands!

OK - let's put an end to this food-failure day and come up with some yummy, good meals for the week:

Monday - Salmon Pin Wheels with noodles and long beans
Tuesday - Grilled Steaks with Chile, Cumin, Lime, and Scallions - a good site for diabetic food plan options
Wednesday - Daddy and Kids Pizza night as I have boot camp then Weight Watchers
Thursday - Broccoli-casserole - Love this site!
Friday - Baby romaine salad with assorted peppers, cherry tomatoes and grilled garlic-pepper shrimp

That's what is cooking on the Fringe....whatcha cookin' dis week???

Ok. Back to my 40 gifts in 40 days for my 40th birthday!
Gift Idea # 33

If I am going to eat over my Weight Watchers points, then I will have to up-the exercise options! Therefore, today's gift suggestion is the deluxe Turbo Jam video. I have the first one that includes a 20 minute cardio and a 40 minute sculpt program - but I have heard awesome things about this new offering:

Anyone try it yet? Any other suggestions? I usually rotate doing Turbo Jam, Tae Bo, and 30 Day Shed. Looking for something new and challenging!


The Veg Next Door said...

I don't do Turbo Jam but P90X, which I believe is produced my the same company. Awesome workout! Even Hubby is following it.

As for the bad Points day, you get back on the wagon tomorrow but get organized tonight so you have meals and snacks ready.

Kat said...

One bad day can be just that. My problem is that I'll have a bad day and then figure the next day is shot too. Then the whole week, etc. etc. ;)
Sounds like you more than made up for your bad day. :)

Amy said...

What Running Room are you doing your clinic with?

mscooter44 said...

Have you ever seen/used this site?

It has the WW point values beside the recipes.