Friday, March 13, 2009

Fitness Friday - Prep for fun!

OK! My race is tomorrow morning at 9:15am. It is a nice route along Colonel By Drive (and Rideau Canal) from Pretoria Bridge to the Bronson Bridge and back. It is calling for a nice 3 degrees Celsius with cloudy skies. I think it will be nice running conditions.
Here are a few photos of the area where the race is being held:

I am taking it easy today. I have had a long, tiring week and need to rest up for what is for sure going to be a great weekend.

Here is a list of things I need to get organized for tomorrow morning:

- Pick up race kit
- Attach shamrocks to my running pants and coat as part of my costume (!?!?!)
- Drink lots of water
- Place out all my running gear
- Bake my shamrock cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies (2 batches of each!)
- Buy a new blade for my straight cutter
- Organize and pack all my photos
- Pack up all the ingredients to make the most fabulous scrambled egg breakfast ever!
- Get all my scrapbooking materials packed up and into the car
- Place my parent's house key on my key ring
- Pack my over night bag
- Pack my soccer gear for my game on Sunday afternoon

It is incredible all the things you need to do before running a 5k race!!!

Oh! Did I mention that, after my big race, 4 of the most wonderful ladies are meeting me at my parent's house about 45km away (away from work, hubby and the kids) for a girls' scrapbooking weekend! The funny part is growing up I NEVER disobeyed my parents and hosted a party in their absence!!! No, I think I did it teenage party will ever out do a kidless, free, scrapbooking weekend away!!!!

Oh ya! No matter how I feel during or after my race, no matter my finishing time, no matter the weather, no matter what, this is going to be a great weekend!!!! (If I survive it!!!)

In honour of this bound-to-be-great weekend, I present to you birthday gift ideas # 29 and # 28:

29) I would soooo love a long sleeve running shirt that would be perfect for Ottawa spring weather. Something like this:

28) And as I move forward with my transition from strictly traditional scrapbooking to a hybrid form of mixing traditional and digital scrapbooking, I would totally appreciate a year membership to Heritage Makers. The extremely lovely Kristen from Mighty Morphin' Mama is a consultant and introduced me to her product line - it totally rocks and I think it would be a super cool addition to my scrapbooking tool set. Not only does the Heritage Makers' annual membership make my list of 40 gifts for my 40th birthday, but Oprah named it one of her favorite things too!!!! (Go check it out! Then, after you fall in love with it you can order one membership for me, and then treat yourself too!)
Wish me luck for my big debut race...Irish luck that is!!!!
Have a wonderful and great weekend...I know I will for sure!!!!


Marlène said...

Yay, I'm from Ottawa, and I'll be running the 10km at 9am tomorrow!!

I'm also pleased with how the weather is turning out. Sure we'll be in long sleeves, but at least it won't be like Monday!!

Best of luck, and have a great weekend.

Kat said...

Good luck on your race! I'm so excited for you. I just know you'll do awesome. :)

And have fun scrapbooking too!

mighty morphing mom said...

Good luck with your race! I will be praying for you, hope the weather is good for you!
Thanks for sharing and inspiring us with your journey.

And thanks for the plug, the yearly membership is an amazing deal and our photo/storybooking books are the best!!

A Buns Life said...

Good luck! I hope you have a wonderful race and feel great doing it!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

How did the race go??

Janet said...

Hope the race went well!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Huh? Sorry you lost me at the new blade for the straight cutter and the scrap booking stuff being packed up---I am so stinking jealous. Anyway I predict you're going to do fabulously (because I came late, I can appear psychic)... and shamrock cheesecake sounds wonderful.