Saturday, March 21, 2009

Green Thumb Gifts

Last summer I started a veggie garden. I fell in love with planting, tending to and harvesting my little crop. Oh, some items did not grow, while others basically took over prime real estate! But it was great fun - and hard work...and very rewarding. All summer we had fresh tomatoes (still have 3 frozen bags in the freezer) tons of green & yellow beans, zucchinis and peas. Oh! I cannot forget the enormous squash. The fresh veggies were amazing!

This winter has been long...and finally we are having almost spring-like weather. That got me thinking of my summer gardening plans. My big plan is to almost triple the size of the veggie garden and move my herb garden and then double it in size.

But to do this, I will need the appropriate tools. Thank goodness I have a birthday coming up!!!!

Gift suggestion: New gardening gloves

Gift suggestion: Shiny new wheelbarrow

Gift suggestion: Cool set of gardening tools (with a lock so little hands cannot get hold of them!)

Gift suggestion: Raised bed kit

Do you like to garden? What is your favorite gardening tool? What should I add to my wish list?

Boy! I cannot wait for the snow to go and planting weather to come...well, I guess I can wait another week since we are heading to Mont Tremblant for a day of spring skiing!


becci said...

I would love to have a garden :) unfortunately I live in an apartment where there is no way I will ever have a garden here. Having a garden would sure cut down on the grocery bill! Good luck with all your birthday wishes ;)

Lainey-Paney said...

I like to plant flowers & have nice flower beds.
with that said...I can't say that I like all the prep work that goes into making a flower bed great...or weeding....