Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck of the Irish

Apparently, when my great-great grandparents came to Canada they left the luck of the Irish in their home country!

On Saturday I ran in the St. Paddy's Day Road Race. While it was fun, there was no green luck on my side leading up to or post race!

On Friday I drove downtown to pick up my race kit. It was just after 5pm. You can only imagine how busy the downtown core was at this time. Obviously, I could not find parking, so I had the brilliant idea of parking in my parking spot for work. It would mean only a 3 block hike to The Running Room. I parked my car int he underground parking space designated to me and headed off. I picked up my kit, stopped at the sports store to look for new soccer boots, browsed through a few trendy shops and then headed back to my car. I almost dislocated my shoulder when I tried to throw open the front office door. LOCKED. Yep. My car was in the building, the building you need your work pass to access after normal business hours. It was 6:13pm!!!

I waited and waited till I saw a member of the cleaning crew. I banged on the door. She shook her head and walked away. I waited and waited, finally saw another member of the cleaning crew and got her attention. She must have thought me crazy! I was going on like a mad-woman. I think totally out of fear for her own life, this non-English, non-French speaking, older woman finally let me after I kept making the universal hand gesture for car and pointing down. WHEW!!!

Well, maybe I was lucky??? I did in fact get let into the locked building and I did get back to my car!!!!

The race went well and I finished it in one piece - so, that could be considered lucky.

After the race I hurried back to my office to pick up my weekend assignment. I was jazzed. I was sweaty. I was catching a chill. I remembered I had a warm fleece sweater in the trunk. I parked in my underground spot and grabbed my security pass (!!!) and popped the trunk and grabbed my sweater. Threw on my sweater and slammed the trunk closed. Yep. You figure out what I quickly discovered? Yep. I know you would figure out where this story of luck was leading. Car keys. Trunk. Yep. Inside.

CRAP! I race over to the door and thankfully it is unlocked...but in my car there is no trunk release. So, I am sure the security guard upstairs was having a great laugh at the show I was putting on the closed circuit camera! I had to remove the kids' car seats, pile all the junk onto the backseat floor, tug the seat down. Then I had to climb back into the trunk. Which I do, but not without kicking my rear view mirror off it's holdings and almost putting my foot through my sun roof. Oh ya! I could just imagine the security guard upstairs laughing his butt off at me!!! I was a sight for sore eyes!!!!

Yep. Even in lieu of me completing the race, finishing almost a minute faster than I ever-hoped to finish, the St. Paddy's Day Road Race is not that lucky for me! Though I am sure the the security guards would get a kick out of either episodes on the security tapes!!! While not lucky, I am good for a few laughs!

Wishing you all a very happy St. Paddy's Day!

In keeping with an Irish theme - Birthday gift suggestion # 25 would have to be one of these lovely creatures:

Unfortunately, since I am allergic to long-haired dogs, I would basically die! Put, I would like a dog. All growing up we has miniature poodles or cock-a-poos. I would love to have BIG dog! So how about a standard poodle????

How could you say no to on of these little cuties?!?!?!?!?!

Hee Hee!!!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

So glad the race went well! Yay you! And thanks for the great visuals of your car adventures, poor you!

Amy said...

Thanks for the smile tonight!

I locked my keys in the truck at the grocery store once too. So embarassing!

Hannah said...

New here.:) Happy post St.Patrick's day! That is so annoying about locking your keys inside your car. I'm sure most people have done that at least once! LOL