Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fitness & Birthday Gift Suggestions


For me, this week has been one of those, "Dear Lord, will this week EVER end?" coupled with, "Holy crow, Friday, already!" A strange combination!

It was an exciting fitness week! I started new activities, had a little break and most importantly, completed my first road race.

Saturday I completed my 5k race. I am happy with my time - 33.06 though there were at least 3 times I slowed right down and one time I walked - so, lots of room for improvement!

Sunday I played soccer for my new indoor team. It was AMAZING! They are so much better than my former teammates. I ran around, played hard, and had a GREAT time! I even made what can only be described as "the pass of my career" - too bad Joanne could not capitalize on it! We lost, but I had a good work out!

Monday I had my first Running Room clinic. It is a huge group with a huge spectrum of fitness, running ability and commitment. I ran with a really nice gal - we hit it off and I am looking forward to running with her again!

Tuesday I tried an aqua fit class. It was in the deep water - it was challenging, fun, and I am looking forward to trying it again. I am taking the class with a great friend and I am looking forward to chatting, laughing and aqua-fitting with her!!!!

Wednesday - no boot camp this week. I missed it! My friend Dawn and I walked to our Weight Watchers meeting. As was expected, I gained this week - lots of factors contributing (bad choices, snacking, lack of journal keeping and my "time of the month about to start!")

Thursday - I planned on doing a workout - but never got around to it. David had a boys' night out so I had all three kids all day and, no real time to work out.

Friday - I am hoping to go for a run this evening.

Saturday - I am hoping to find a pool and swim some laps in prep for my try-a-thon in May!

Sunday - Running Room Long Run at 8:30am and then I have a soccer game.

Next week I have a busy fitness schedule:
Monday - Running Room Clinic
Tuesday - Aqua Fit Class
Wednesday - Boot camp
Thursday - walk/run
Friday - Run
Saturday - Downhill skiing (Same resort where Natasha Richardson had her accident)
Sunday - Running Room Long run in the AM and soccer game in the afternoon.

Now, since I have lots of training to do before my try-a-thon on May 16 and my 10K race on May 23 I have been exploring tracking gadgets. Roni introduced me to an amazing little application for a iPod. You can read all about it here. It looks super cool and I love the fact you can chart out your runs and workouts and set goals and milestones. WAY COOL!

So, for my 40th birthday I would love this:

Nike + iPod Sport Kit for iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G

...and since I do not have a iPod Nano, I would need one of these:

Oh! and one of these:

Hee hee...this birthday wish list stuff is fun!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Veg Next Door said...

I remember the Sunday and Wednesday group runs at the RR. Great fun and such motivation. Is there a Rosa or Mimi in your group? If so, say hi for me and please say hi to the store mgr (Pat) for me.

Sue said...

I'm looking forward to our next aquafit class as well! It was fun!

Tara R. said...

I get a workout just reading about your week. Way to go in the 5k! You are a great inspiration.

ALF said...

Please be careful with indoor soccer. I fear for the knees of everyone who plays indoor.