Monday, March 23, 2009

Feeling tired, looking good and eating well!

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I'm tired. I had a great March Break with the kids. I had a fabulous weekend. And I have been lacking in the sleep department! In addition, I am full swing into my training for a 10K race and for a "try-a-thon", each a week apart in May! Top that off with working extra hours and the fact that Madigan's 2 year old molars seem to be taking the friggin' scenic route...late nights, lots of crying and early mornings are a combination for disaster!

When you are dog-tired and have three youngsters at home, how do you cope?

Does Dora or Barney seem to take over babysitting duties? Do you read 4 million books - or, one book 4 million times? Do you make popcorn and pull out the sofa bed and play snuggle-bed movie? Do you make an enormous fort in the front room and claim to be resting? Do you play hide and seek and can always be found under the covers in the bed? Do you bake fool-amounts (especially when considering you are on Weight Watchers) of cookies and goodies? Do you have day-time bath time where all three kids slash and soak the bathroom while you sit in the corner and read a novel? Do you guarantee a long bath by declaring that by exiting the tub fun, each child is agreeing to a haircut? Do you allow wrestling attacks while you "do some blog-work"? Do you try to post a Monday Menu list while three kids are asking for their 15th cookie?

You don't???


Um, I do! (and that was just today!)

Is that wrong????

Well, at least I have a cool fort in the front room, the downstairs sofa bed has fresh sheets, there are lots of yummy cookies, the kids are clean and the boys are sporting cute crew cuts!!!! But, alas, my Monday Menu is not done, and I'm tired. (I seriously think I am expelling ALL my energy trying to generate enough motivation to get dressed and out the door to my running clinic!)

So, without further delay, here are the dinners I am planning for this week:

Monday - Tuna casserole with long green beans

Tuesday - Chickpea curry and chicken - I stole this recipe from Feebeez, a Monday Menu participant. I hope it is as good and as easy as it seems!

Wednesday - Daddy and kids pizza night since I have boot camp followed by Weight Watchers

Thursday - Pork tenderloin with baby carrots and wilted spinach

Friday - Not sure as we are dropping the kids off at my parents and taking off to Mont Tremblant for a wonderful Saturday of skiing and fun!

Saturday and Sunday - well, honestly, Saturday and Sunday just seem way too far away to even think about...

OK - off to pull the casserole out of the oven, throw on my running gear and walk 1.7km to the running clinic, do my run, walk home, and collapse into bed!


Momisodes said...

Forts are always fun. Always.

You HAVE been busy!

This week's menu plan sounds delicious as usual.

Friday sounds so exciting!!!

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

Hope you enjoy the Chickpea Curry recipe! Love to hear if you like it or not.

Fiona @ Feebeez said...

Just read your profile ... I also met my hubby in 2000, got married in 2002, and had 3 kids in 32 months. My eldest is 5, middle one is almost 4, and little one is almost 2.5

How bizzare is that!!

Amy W said...

I really need to look at these menus to get some fresh ideas for mine!

Kat said...

I drink a tiny bit more coffee (not supposed to have a lot while preggers you know), pop in a movie (is that bad?), and pray for naptime. :)

becci said...

S I actually had time to sit and read word for word the last few postings of your blog and girl - you are funny! I love how you cope! Now I am snuggling up on my couch to read more funnies from you.... I love Saturday nites! They are the only nite that i actually have to myself, on the couch, no interruptions (kids silently reading in bed), no dinners to make (already done) it's fab :)

Nora Dalasta said...

Thank god for you and your blog. Was searching for a "rabbit stew recipe" to make for Easter :) and came across your blog! This entry spoke so strongly to my life with one toddler and one in the womb, that I laughed out loud! Made me happy to "meet" another honest and open mother who admits to being tired, overwhelmed, and sneaking naps whenever possible. THANK YOU and congratulations on such amazing weight loss without surgery!