Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daddy's Proud

My eldest son will be turning 5 in December.

This afternoon I told him we should start planning his party.

He would like to invite Sebastien, Paul, Emily, Elizabeth, Avery, Ally, Alyson, Katie and Laurie,.

When asked what type of party theme he would like he replied, "a sweet home party".

A sweet home party?

DJ, do you want to have a tea party at home with all those girls for your birthday?

Nope. I want a party like the movie for my FAVORITE song. And I want ALL my girlfriends to come, like in the movie and we can wear our swimsuits! And we can dance!

CRAP! I should have never let him see this video before previewing it myself. You see, when this particular song comes on the radio, DJ go crazy. He LOVES it. So, one afternoon I searched YouTube and found the video...DJ scrambled onto my lap and we watched it, my little boy wants a party, like in the video...

Daddy is proud, and Mommy, well, she now knows the importance of parental control and previewing videos before letting little eyes see them!

Sweet Alabama, the girls better watch out! Kid DJ is on the loose!


imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh dear... try to explaining this party to the other five-year old's parents!

OHmommy said...

LMAO.... now that is my kind of party. What an awesome 5 year old you have!

Pregnantly Plump said...

OK, that is way too funny! He has good taste in music, although I much prefer the original. In the south, whenever you go to a concert, someone usually yells, "Play some Skynard!" Maybe this should be the catchphrase for your party?

Kat said...


I'm only laughing because my boys LOVE that song. One time I walked into the living room because I heard that song and when I saw the video on tv I nearly crapped my pants! The boys freaked when I turned it off, but someday they'll understand. ;)
BOYS! Ugh! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah -- those moms may not want to let their daughters come

forgetfulone said...

You've got a lady-killer on your hands! LOL