Thursday, November 13, 2008


Madigan is teething. She is a bear right now.

We have never really been a "Tempra Family". We usually rely on more homeopathic remedies and aides - and as a last result we fall back on Tempra.

The last few nights have been terrible. Tempra has been the only solution that helps relieve her pain. The problem with Tempra - and with most drugs - it wears off. It seems to work like clock-work. We give Mags a shot of this liquid miracle-worker and she will drift off to sleep...but will wake up screaming in agony exactly 4 hours later. Exactly 4 hours later. Exactly. Four hours. Later.

Tempra-timing sucks!
Usually my hubby and I grudgedly get up, go get her, soothe her - sometimes with a second dose - and most of the time she ends up in bed with us. All the while cursing Tempra-timing.

Let's see - four hours - the meds last four hours. She usually finally goes to bed between 9 and 10 - so, that means she usually wakes up around 2AM.

This is a HUGE bummer since I have to get up for work at 3AM...and we all know how hard it is to fall back to sleep, or sleep restfully when you know you have to get up in less than an hour! (especially with a squirming 21 month old in your bed!)
So lately, I have been almost as cranky and tired as my teething Princess.

Last night/this morning, I thought I heard Madigan stir. I glanced over at the clock and sighed, 2:33AM...with all my might I wished her back to worked!

I fell into a strange dream of dandelions and barber poles (WTF) and in my dream I heard a baby took me a bit to realize that Tempra-timing had struck again. Madigan was calling out for me.

I woke up, was about to start my wish-back-to-sleep, but first glanced at the clock.
AWWWWGGGGGGGGGG! 3:26 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My alarm did not go off... CRAP. Crappity-crap!
I sprang out of bed and dashed for the shower to get ready for work.

And for the first time ever - I praised Tempra-timing.

Believe it or not, I got to work at 3:58AM....Whew!


A Buns Life said...

I have never heard of Tempra....too bad for me! It might of helped back in the day!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I haven't heard of Tempra either! Hope her teeth poke through quickly.

Melissa said...

Ack! For once it turned out well!

I hope your little ones teeth come in soon and that they stop hurting so darn much....

Kat said...

I have never heard of Tempra. Man. I wish I would have known about that sooner. I just used Tylenol.
Way to make it to work on time! That is impressive. :)

Anonymous said...

you have to be at work at 4?!