Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Scrappin - Going to the Birds

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Oh, I am sooooo behind in my scrapbooking - but on November 29th I am going to a all-day crop and hope to get lots done.
Since I have no scrapbooking pages to share, I would like to share the birthday party invites that I made for the boys' birthday party.
A bit of back ground info.

DJ asked to have the party at the "Chick-a-dee Park". could that work????

I have posted before about the wonderful hiking trail located within the city limits of Ottawa. It is simply beautiful. There are two main trails that allow you to walk either 2KM or 5KM. If you bring wild bird seed, the birds will eat right out of your hand!

What a neat party idea! We are known for our unique brithday parties!

So, I called the National Capital Commission - they look after the park land in Ottawa - and found out that the building on the land is rented by a group called The Wild Bird Care Centre. I gave them a call immediately to determine what I could plan for my boys. May, the young lady who took my call, was amazing! She was almost as excited as I was about this party idea!

It is all set! On December 7, DJ and Anderson will celebrate their birthdays at the park. We will start in the centre and the kids will get a short presentation on what the centre does and how they rescue birds. We will have cake and refreshments and then head off for a hike. I think it will be so much fun! My kids LOVE this hiking trail and never get tired of the birds landing in their hands. Many of our invited guests have never done this before. What fun we will have!

I wanted to make fun and theme-related invitations. After searching the web I found a template for a great, easy to make card. It features a 3-d bird popping up and lots of details!

I am very pleased with the results - and best of all - the boys LOVE them!

I cannot wait to complete the gift bags, party decoratins and cakes, I have so many ideas!
...stay tuned!


ChrissyM said...

How neat!! What a terrific birthday party idea. Those invites are so cute!! Love the unique birthay parites, what fun.

forgetfulone said...

What a cute invite! Glad you posted this week. Have fun at your all day crop. I'm looking forward to some scrap time when we're out for Thanksgiving.

Tara R. said...

That is a very cool idea for a birthday party! We have a state park very close to us and I love walking the trails there. Have a great time on your scrapbooking day. Don't forget to share how your pages turn out.

ChrissyM said...
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ChrissyM said...
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ღ♥Kay~Kay'sღ♥ said...

Very cool! Enjoy your all day crop.

Melanie said...

This party sounds wonderful, its a great way for the kids to have fun but also learn about animal conservation at the same time.

Love the pop up birds on the invitation.

Christine said...

AWWW! Those are SO cute! What an awesome idea :D OH MAN, an all day crop sounds like SO much fun! Hope you have a great time and get lots of progress done!

Bailey's Granny said...

Cute Invites!