Friday, November 28, 2008

Fitness Friday - Week 2

Right now I am focusing on 3 key things in regards to my fitness and workout routine:
  1. Accumulate
  2. Consistency
  3. Variety

By "accumulate" I am referring to finding ways to incorporate more physical activity into my daily life. Do not get me wrong, looking after 3 kiddies all day keeps me on my toes - but I am trying to increase my activity during daily chores or activities. Every bit helps - so, why take the easy way out when you can work out!?!?!?!?

Some of the things I am doing include taking the stairs at work and walking more. I work on the fourth floor and park two floors underground - so, each day I am doing between 8-12 sets of stairs (I am spooked to climb the 4 flights at 4AM in my old building!) I am also trying to spread my household tasks - for example, instead of taking the laundry, frozen food for dinner and whatever else I can carry in one trip, I make it into two or three trips.

They say that taking 10K steps a day is an indicator that you are leading a fairly active lifestyle. I am trying to hit that mark every day - and that is not counting my running or walking activities.

In terms of consistency, I am trying to work out every day. I am trying to make it a habit. I have even gone so far as to marking it on our family calender. An extra bonus is that David sees my activity plan is able to encourage me and to ensure he is home to relieve me from my "family duties" so I can get some exercise.

Right now, I am doing my activity at dinner time, since I am not eating food. I am a bit worried this will cause a problem when I do transition back to regular meals I can share with the family. But I am sure David and I will work it all out.

Getting up at 3AM, working, coming home, caring for the kids and daily life can get stressful, and more and more I am looking forward to that me time at 630PM. Plus, I am crawling into bed feeling good about my workout.

Variety is also important. I do not want to get bored with my workout routine. Also, I want to make it more of a social event too - me time with friends - could it get better than that??? I have one good friend I have started jogging with, one good friend I meet up with at boot camp and another good friend I join for a weekly walk. Plus I have my indoor soccer team.

Another aspect of variety is the fact that I try to get both cardio and weight training into my routine. I was a bit disheartened to learn last weigh-in that I have actually lost a pound of lean muscle mass. Weight training will ensure I loose fat mass and not lean muscle. I am therefore increasing my weight training.

So, here is my weekly fitness log. I have had a great workout week. And have a few aches and pains to prove it!

Monday - Started a weekly run date with my friend Jo. We are loosely following The Running Room Program. We walked a minute and ran a minute for 3.8KM. Add this to the fact I walked to our meeting place, which is 1.7 KM from my house!

Tuesday - Turbo Jam Workout Video - I love the beat!

Wednesday - Boot Camp - This week we did a circuit of __ stations, the time spent at each station varied, but it averaged between 2-4 minutes - the instructor pushed everyone until we were all doing out station properly!

  1. 3 laps warm up run that includes a long ramp and a long set of stairs
  2. Power Squats
  3. Sit Ups - legs at 90 degree on wall and sit up bringing a weighted ball up over your head and as high as you could go to the wall
  4. Push Ups
  5. Triceps with hand weights
  6. Side Power Kicks with deep lunge - KILLERS!
  7. Flutter kicks
  8. Shoulder presses with weights
  9. REPEAT!!!!!
  10. DIE and CRAWL home!

Thursday - Regular walk with my friend Dawn We chat and walk at a fairly good pace. I want to clock out our regular route, but I would guess it is just over 8KM.

Friday - I bought a set of resistance bands and plan on doing an upper body workout

Saturday - not much exercise planned, but I will walk to my French Class - about a 3km round trip and I always take the stairs to my 4th floor classroom.

Sunday - Soccer game - I am hoping we have fewer subs and I can get lots of playing time. After the game I have been challenging myself with a light jog around the dome. This is week 3 and I hope to make it 3 laps!

So, that is my weekly commitment to leading an active lifestyle. How about you? Any suggestions or ideas you can share with me to help me along?

Next Friday I will write about commitment and goal setting - and I have a surprise!!!

Also - look for a new Friday Fitness section and a Menu Monday section - coming soon!

Hey! Have you voted for me yet??? I have been nominated for BEST BLOG and BEST FAMILY BLOG for the Canadian Blogging Awards - today is the last day to vote!

Finally - only 2 more posts till I succeed at the NaBloPoMo challenge!!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Wow, that is a lot of activity, good for you. I am finding that I am becoming less and less active and that is no good! You are so inspiring Laura, and good luck with the Blog awards girl!

forgetfulone said...

That is a serious fitness schedule! You go! I'm in awe.

InTheFastLane said...

I like how you are doing lots of different activities. As much as I love running, sometimes it feels good to do something different and work different muscles.

The Veg Next Door said...

Let me know if you need any tips/help with the running. I have taught the For Women Only clinic at the Running Room.

Let's figure out a time/date to talk food.