Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Bragging Rights

Remember these little bunnies?

Anderson starting Junior Kindergarten.
A "Junior Bunny"

DJ starting Senior Kindergarten
A "Senior Bunny"

Well, they are growing up and loving Kindergarten!
Their school photo proofs arrived today.
Which photo of each of my bunnies would you choose?

3 years and 9 months


4 years and 9 months


Sniz said...

I like number 6 of Anderson and number 5 of DJ. But I like number 6 of DJ too if you wanted the same background for both. Thanks for your response to my last comment. I wrote a long letter in response, but my computer lost it and I just didn't feel like writing another one right then! But the gist was that I'm so proud of you and it seems like you made your goal already!

Melissa said...

Good gravy, I can hardly pick out pictures of my own little one.

How do you chose? They are all adorable!

imbeingheldhostage said...

OMGosh you have to choose? I have a hard enough time picking something off the menu (which is why we don't go out to dinner anymore). I guess picking them all is not an option?