Monday, November 3, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I have always found planning my weekly meals helps me keep organized and usually equated to fewer trips to the grocery store - thus, spending less money.

Another lesson I learned at my Weight Management class is that it also allows you to plan your calorie intake and eat healthier than if you did not plan. There is supporting numbers that individuals who map out future meals will consume twice as many fruits and veggies throughout the day than those who do not use pre-determine meal plans. There is also evidence that pre-planned meals are usually more savoury and lower in fat than non-planned meals.

Right now I am still on a liquid diet only - I have four medically prescribed shake mixes a day. But that does not mean my interaction and responsibility for food has disappeared. I have three little ones - the day is basically formulated around breakfast - snack - lunch - snack - dinner - snack!

Many people in my Weight Management class have been able to disassociate themselves with all food and food preparation or serving. This is not an option for me. So, I have found by writing out my menu plan for the week I do not think about it. In essence, if I do not have to decide "what would be good" then what I prepare for my family is no longer a subjective decision I made.

Do you get what I mean? I have no emotional connection with the meal. Instead of thinking of something good - something I would love to have, but cannot - I simply look at the plan and see what I have to make.

I thought maybe I would start participating in Menu Plan Mondays and posting each week our planned meals. Then, as I start my re-introduction to food I will use this as a placeholder for my own new healthy choices and options. I also plan on creating a section to post all the new healthy-lifestyle recipes I am getting acquainted with through my program.

So, here is what I am serving on The Fringe this week:

Monday - Homemade pot roast stew - I cut up the leftovers from the Sunday roast and added carrots, onions, potatoes, red & green peppers, kidney beans and black beans, fresh herbs from my garden and some chopped up garlic. I am also making a fresh loaf of whole wheat with flex and sun-dried tomato bread.

Tuesday - Chicken burritos with salsa and cheese. This dinner is pre-made at Costco - my hubby LOVES it and it is quick and easy since I have my class at 5PM.

Wednesday - "Long sgetti" with shrimp and a home made veggie-red sauce accompanied with a garden salad.

Thursday - Night Out - Hubby has a a Guys Night Out and I promised the kids an evening visit to the indoor-play park. The kids will probably order pizza or chicken fingers at the cafe there.

Friday - Broccoli and cheese casserole. The boys LOVE this easy and quick dish - I put cooked chicken, can of mushroom soup, chopped up broccoli and shredded cheese into a dish. Add some onions and peppers and mix it all up - add some bread crumbs on top and bake till bubbly-golden!

Saturday - Spinach salad and BBQ hamburgers - the weather man is calling for nice weather!

Sunday - Maple-onion salmon with cous cous and roasted veggies - a family favorite.

Well, that is what is being served at The Fringe. I for one will be sticking to my liquid diet - usually 2 chocolate shakes, 1 vanilla shake and 1 vanilla shake mixed with coffee. YUMMY!

What's on your menu this week?

For more ideas visit I'm an Organizing Junkie - the host of Menu Plan Monday.


InTheFastLane said...

I find it interesting how you are able to detach yourself from the food prep. That is a good skill to have, but I am sure it is not easy.

I am also wondering if you have specific cravings, or do you try to not think about that. I am a little afraid to even ask the question, because I don't want to derail your progress. But, I was thinking that with all those shakes you might be wanting something not as sweet. I hope this was not a bad question to ask. I think you are doing awesome and I like hearing about how you are changing your relationship with food. I think that even for people who don't have a lot of weight to lose, examining how we view food in our lives can be valuable.

Laura said...

AWESOME question - and I LOVE questions! Will build a post around my thoughts on the specific cravings I have had over the last 7 weeks. It is still strange to think that I have not "eated" a piece of real food since September 16!!!!!

honeyfrog said...

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The Veg Next Door said...

Love planning dinners for the week and often when I find that my food intake has been less than stellar I plan my meals and snacks for a few days until I get back on track.

Preparing food for your family but not indulging is tough but so worth it.

Kat said...

Oooooo! Those sound great! Can I come over? ;)

Melissa said...

Holy cow! I'm coming to your house for dinner!

You know, I'm even more impressed that you are dieting when you are cooking dinners like that.

You really do RAWK!!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Good for you, meal prep is a discipline that I think about a lot and do not follow through on.
You are so inspiring to me and I appreciate you sharing your insights.

Kellan said...

This sounds like a great menu! I wish I was that organized when it comes to our meals. I am very organized in everything in our lives, except our meals - and it is because I do not like to cook or shop for food - never have. I wish I did.

Have a good week - Kellan

Rona's Home Page said...

Wow! A liquid diet. Congratulations to you and your dedication.
Happy Election Day!

ALF said...

I love having a weekly menu although recently we have gotten away from it and instead have been eating nothing but crap.