Sunday, November 9, 2008

A proud Canadian

It’s that time of year again. The Canadian Blog Awards are now accepting nominations of your favourite blogs and bloggers.

Well, The Fringe is probably not of the calibre they are looking for - but I encourage you to visit the following Canadian blogs and feel free to nominate any of them for some Canadian blogging awards, eh!

Mighty Morphin Mama - OK, if I could meet only one of my new bloggy-friends, it would be Mighty Morphin Mama - I idolize her and her blogs ROCKS!

Lunatic Fringe - She is desperate to win a popularity contest of ANY sort in her lifetime.

Don Mills Diva - The Diva and I met on-line when we were both first starting to blog. Her stories about her son, her journey as a mom and inspire me to find my inner-diva!

Lunatic Fringe - She is desperately seeking attention - she is learning how to throw temper tantrums from her 20 month diva - so, you better nominate her, or she may throw herself to the floor and start screaming!

Hella Stella - OK, a blog about a bulldog puppy, a brilliant musician, and a fun-no-kids-yet-life...I am living vicariously through Stella's wonderful stories, and just loving it!

Lunatic Fringe - Anyone who had 3 kids in 38 months deserves a prize...being nominated for a Canadian blog award will do just fine!

Speilmoms Ramblings - Shay is one busy super mom, homeschooling her 4 children, running, and just enjoying life in beautiful BC.

Lunatic Fringe - This loony blogger is on a weight loss journey like no other - she has lost almost 35 pounds since September...all through a medically supervised liquid diet...she would certainly savour the sweet taste of victory if you nominate her!

The Daley Stamper - Karen is a sweetheart of a friend. She is also one of the most talented card-making and scrapbooking people I know. Her passion for stamping is so pure and I love seeing her newest projects - She would be a perfect candidate for the best crafty blog.

Lunatic Fringe - Life's short - live on the fringe and take a chance on a loony Canadian blogger who is totally addicted to blogging!

You have until November 22 to make your nominations!

And if you do happen to nominate The Fringe, well, I would be humbly-honoured!

Well, excuse me while I go update my profile on Blogger to include the personality traits of self-adoring, self promoting, narcissistic, desperate to win something, soup-box preacher, and totally loony for a nomination!

OK - get - go nominate a deserving Canadian for a blogging award.

Edited to add - you do not need to be Canadian to nominate or, no excuses, for anyone! Now - GET!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

So cool Laura! Thank you so much, I hadn't realized it was blog award time!
I adore you and your blog, love your honesty and your including us on your journey, you rock!

Tara R. said...

How fun! Good luck with this! Do you have to be Canadian to nominate a Canadian blog? If not, I'm putting your name in!

Laura said...

Good quesiton!!!!

Anyone can nominate a Canadian blog...anyone and everyone! You do not have to Canadian to nominate or vote.

Don Mills Diva said...

Aww thanks!

I went over to nominate you but it won't let me leave a comment - I'm going to try again later and if it won't let me i will e-mail them because it doesn't say the nominations are closed...and you DESERVE to be nominated.

Karen said...

So cool! Thank you for your nomination. I'm flattered, but you should know that there are waaaay better stamping blogs than mine out there! People who even post more than once month ;-) Thanks for the nod - you're a sweetheart too.